AILOGIC, founded in 2022, is a dynamic company driven by a passion for transforming traffic management through advanced technologies. We specialize in developing intelligent solutions that optimize traffic flow, enhance safety, and promote sustainable transportation systems.

At AILOGIC, we understand the challenges faced by cities and municipalities in managing growing traffic volumes and ensuring efficient transportation. To address these challenges, we harness the power of artificial intelligence, LED technology, and smart data analytics to deliver innovative solutions that elevate traffic control to new heights.

Our Vision

Our vision at AILOGIC is to create smarter and more connected cities, where traffic management is proactive, efficient, and responsive to the needs of road users. We strive to empower traffic authorities, engineers, and administrators with intelligent tools that make traffic control smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

Key Offerings

AILOGIC offers a range of cutting-edge products and solutions that transform traffic management:

Smart Single Source LED Traffic Lights

Experience the future of traffic signaling with our Smart Single Source LED Traffic Lights. These innovative lights provide exceptional visibility, energy efficiency, and durability, ensuring safer roads and optimized traffic flow.


Countdown Timer

Improve driver awareness and traffic flow with our Countdown Timer feature. By displaying the remaining time until the signal changes, drivers can anticipate transitions, reducing abrupt stops and starts and promoting smoother traffic movement.

AI-based Traffic Controller

Our AI-based Traffic Controller leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze real-time traffic data and dynamically adjust signal timings. This intelligent control optimizes traffic flow, reduces congestion, and maximizes road capacity

Traffic Management System

Our comprehensive Traffic Management System integrates our intelligent traffic solutions into a centralized platform. It enables real-time monitoring, remote configuration, and incident management, empowering traffic authorities to proactively manage and optimize traffic networks

Why Choose AILOGIC?


AILOGIC stays at the forefront of traffic management technology, continually pushing boundaries and exploring new ways to improve transportation systems.


With a team of skilled professionals and experts in traffic engineering and artificial intelligence, we deliver solutions that are backed by deep industry knowledge and practical insights.


AILOGIC is committed to providing reliable and robust solutions that meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and compliance

Customer Focus

We prioritize understanding our customers’ unique challenges and requirements, delivering tailored solutions that address their specific needs and contribute to their success.

Join AILOGIC in shaping the future of traffic management. Together, let’s create intelligent, efficient, and sustainable transportation systems for the cities of tomorrow.

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